A History of Mexican Drug Cartels

Sylvia Longmire
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Most people have heard about the drug-related violence that has been plaguing Mexico for years. However, not many know the full history of the country's notorious drug cartels and the often-humble origins of their most-wanted "capos." 

Drug trafficking has been flourishing in Mexico for decades, but the violence is relatively recent. Why were the "old school" cartels able to operate relatively peacefully? What was the turning point in the cartel mentality that led to today's blood-curdling headlines? And who are the major players in Mexico's drug war right now?

This course serves as an excellent - and brief - history and overview of Mexico's major cartels and includes:

- The origins of drug trafficking in Mexico

- The "old school" cartels

- The rise of today's drug cartels

- The new "kids" on the block

- Cartels in Mexico today

- Cartels moving beyond 2014

It will be useful material for students conducting research on Mexico's drug war, law enforcement/narcotics officers expanding their knowledge base, and any individual with an interest in Mexican history. This course is a streaming video combination of a narrated Power Point slide presentation and personal lecture.

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A History of Mexican Drug Cartels

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