Mexican Marijuana Grows in the United States

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Mexican Marijuana Grows in the United States

Sylvia Longmire
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In the last decade, Mexican drug cartels have invaded US national parks and forests to illegally cultivate marijuana within our borders. It reduces their risk of detection by smuggling it into the country and significantly reduces the time and distance between distributor and buyer.

However, even though the federal government is aware of the expansion on cartel-controlled marijuana grows on US soil, funding for counterdrug operations run by the National Guard and state task forces is diminishing or being cut altogether.

As the number of states with medical marijuana laws expands, and in light of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington, a question arises: How do these measures affect the profits cartels are making by growing their own marijuana in the United States?

In this brief course, users will learn:

- How Mexican cartels are selecting sites and workers for US grows

- How grows are operated

- The threat cartel grows pose to US law enforcement

- How cartel growers are competing against US growers

- The impact of US legalization measures on cartel profits

- The future of cartel-controlled marijuana grows

This course will be useful material for students conducting research on Mexico's drug war, law enforcement/narcotics officers expanding their knowledge base, and any individual with an interest in drug trafficking or marijuana legalization. It is a streaming video combination of a narrated Power Point slide presentation and personal lecture.

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